News: Next Borough meeting is 2nd Wednesday of the Month at 7:00 P.M.

About Chalfant Borough

Welcome to Chalfant Borough.

Here we are, 1/6 of a square mile, about 10 miles east of downtown Pittsburgh, surrounded by Wilkins Township and the Boroughs of Forest Hills and North Braddock. We have been here since we broke away from Wilkins Township in 1914. We are almost a century old. Our official date of birth is December 14, 1914, when the Court officially decreed that the Village of Chalfant had been incorporated.

In the beginning, we had about 105 dwellings with a population  of around 500. Farming was the main occupation, but later on with the growth of the Westinghouse Electric Company and the various steel mills, “blue collar” labor and other skilled machinist type work took over. With the farmlands being taken over by homes, our population peaked in the early 1940’s at about 1,430. However, after World War II, many of the veterans got married and moved, and today we have about 825 persons (many  empty nesters) living in 400 homes.

We were named after Mr. Henry Chalfant, who arrived in this area in the early 1800’s. He was a famous pioneer, an innkeeper, and was the first postmaster in the Turtle Creek Valley area. He amassed an estate of 102 acres, some  of which included the current area of Chalfant.

We hope that you enjoy looking over our website. It was prepared to give you some background on Chalfant  Borough and to guide you to some of the services provided to our residents. Enjoy your visit and come back again soon.