News: Next Borough meeting is 2nd Wednesday of the Month at 7:00 P.M.


Below are links to .pdf files of our ordinances


Chapter 1 Administration and Government.pdf

Chapter 2 Animals.pdf

Chapter 3 Reserved.pdf

Chapter 4 Buildings.pdf

Chapter 5 Code Enforcement.pdf

Chapter 6 Conduct.pdf

Chapter 7 Fire Prevention and Fire Protection.pdf

Chapter 8 Floodplains.pdf

Chapter 9 Grading and Excavating.pdf

Chapter 10 Health and Safety.pdf

Chapter 11 Housing.pdf

Chapter 12 Reserved.pdf

Chapter 13 Licenses Permits and General Business

Chapter 14 Reserved.pdf

Chapter 15 Motor Vehicles and Traffic.pdf

Chapter 16 Parks and Recreation.pdf

Chapter 17 Reserved.pdf

Chapter 18 Sewers and Sewage Disposal.pdf

Chapter 19 Reserved.pdf

Chapter 20 Solid Waste.pdf

Chapter 21 Streets and Sidewalks.pdf

Chapter 22 Reserved.pdf

Chapter 23 Stormwater Management.pdf

Chapter 24 Taxation Special.pdf

Chapter 25 Trees.pdf

Chapter 26 Reserved.pdf

Chapter 27 Zoning.pdf




Ordinance Key.pdf

Resolution Key.pdf